So, you want to see what it looks like when lots of individual photos of me are played together in a row, to give the illusion of movement to the human eye? And you want the illusion to be enhanced with the addition of sound?

Well, you’ve come to the right place! Here’s a whole load of videos for you to “enjoy”.

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Here’s an episode of my YouTube show, The News For Idiots. I watch TV news, so you don’t have to.

Each episode I take a story and try to explain it to people who are just as stupid as I am (ie you).

This is episode 18, from March 2017. If you want to see more, there’s a playlist of the lot here!


Here’s a clip of my 2016 stand-up special.

Socialist Fun-Times is a show about how we can try to find hope in a world where people vote Tory and Trump, we can defend refugees in a world that’s becoming increasingly racist, and why political correctness is a good thing. It’s got lots of jokes in, and hopefully it’ll make you happy!

If you like this short clip, you can watch the whole show for free over at YouTube!


Not all my stand-up is political – sometimes I do stuff like this.

This piece is entitled “Director’s Commentary”. You’ll see why.

This clip was recorded at John-Luke Roberts & Thom Tuck’s glorious Alternative Comedy Memorial Society, a gig dedicated to weird, experimental, high-concept nonsense.


In the early 2010s I was involved in a lot of protests with the awesome anti-austerity campaign group UK Uncut. We sat in the doorways of tax-dodging shops, and shut them down – if Boots, Top Shop and Barclays refuse to pay their tax, we didn’t let them trade. Think of us as Big Society Revenue and Customs.

This stand-up tells the story of my protests.

Recorded at a student occupation at Sussex University, 2013.


I once did a charity gig for sexual health charity Brook, who paid me in sex toys.

I then went straight from that gig to a second gig that night, at Angel Comedy in London.

I ad-libbed a 10 minute set about my box of set toys.

​This is that set.


You know about my cool comedy club Lolitics, right?

And you know that we podcast the best bits, right?

Well, we also put the episodes up on YouTube! Here’s a clip from episode 40, recorded January 2017, where I do some stand-up about dealing with mental health problems when the world is objectively depressing.


Speaking of UK Uncut, here’s a video of a time we gatecrashed a meeting between a few hundred very rich companies, being treated to a keynote speech by Dave Hartnett, who was HMRC’s chief tax man.

Bit of fun, innit.