The News For Idiots is my YouTube comedy show. I watch TV news so you don’t have to, and then I tell you what’s happened, with jokes. I explain the stories, I show you how the media is awful – and, I tell you what you can do about it.

It’s my one-man attempt to make the US-style media-savvy political comedy that UK television channels steadfastly refuse to make.

If you need someone to fill you in on the news, and show you why television news is absolute trash and garbage, then come to me. I’ll look after you.

BONUS FUN FACT: I don’t do adverts – it’s funded entirely by you.

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So far I’ve made just over 20 episodes. “Wow!”

Each one’s about 10 minutes long – nice and bitesize. – Maybe you’d like to see an episode on whether Donald Trump is actually a fascist? Maybe you’d like to see some jokes about why rolling news leads to bad news? Or maybe you’d like a primer on the stupid things people say to justify tax avoidance?

Click any thumbnail below to go to that episode on YouTube. ADVICE: If you’re new to this show, start at the most recent episode, and work backwards. I’m still proud of the early ones, but I was very much learning how to make them as I went. As such, they’re, shall we say, a little bit shonkier. 😉