Here’s a few kind things that people have said about me. If you’re a promoter, please feel free to use these quotes to aid in your mighty and honourable promotional duties. And if you’re a fan, please read these quotes so you can understand how truly, truly important and highly respected I am in the industry.


Mark Thomas: “One of a handful of comedians who are the future of British political comedy.”

The Guardian: Likeably upbeat… an attractive cheekiness… By Coltrane’s account, protest is getting funnier – which can only be good news for political comedy.

Independent: “One to watch on the Fringe this year”. “A highlight of last year’s Free Fringe… …cuts his righteous anger with more than enough charm, wit and well-judged anecdotes to make it fly…”

Time Out: “Talented, passionate political stand-up.”

Chortle: ★★★★ “Brilliantly entertaining… passion, humour and charismatic likeability… genuinely fun, establishing Coltrane as both a relevant and witty political voice on the comedy circuit.”

The Scotsman: ★★★★ “An engaging free show… Told with passion and delight… You may not share Coltrane’s anger or politics, but you can’t fault the style with which he articulates them.”

The Skinny: ★★★★ “Coltrane is brilliant… Intelligence, passion and eloquence.”

Broadway Baby: ★★★★ “Open, warm orator with a quick turn of phrase and a sharp eye for the idiocy of those in power.”

The List: “For those pining for a good solid political comedian, this guy could be your saviour.”

Festival Review: “Damned funny”

Laugh Out London: “A smart political comedian with a silly surreal edge.”