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I don’t have an agent, and I’m not a super-famous guy. I’m just a fool trying to make a living doing what he loves – making variable-quality entertainment, and giving it directly to the people who inexplicably like it.

I don’t even put adverts on anything I do (“Anti-capitalism! Sponsored by Coca Cola!”) – the only way I make money from this nonsense is because brilliant and wonderful folks like you pay for it directly.

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As you can imagine, making radical left-wing anti-establishment stand-up comedy is a real cash cow, and in reality I’m a millionaire.

TRUTH TIME: You can probably guess that the commercial viability of the stuff I make is, at best, precarious. It’s almost certainly never going to be picked up by TV or radio, despite its Undeniable Quality™. So basically, when you donate, you’re helping directly to support me by paying me a wage to do what I do. Which is bloody lovely, when you think about it!

But not only that: the things I create actually cost quite a lot of money to make. Pro-grade camera, lights, microphones, audio recorders, software, web hosting, and the sheer time it takes to make my episodes: it’s not cheap. So when you donate, you’re not only helping me to eat and pay rent; you’re also donating towards the costs of making it all happen!

(Plus, you’re even helping me to break even on the other, hilariously large costs of doing comedy – like the train journeys, paying a camera crew to record my stand-up shows, and the £3,000 costs for doing the Edinburgh Fringe!! Yep, you read that right. Rent, ads, flyers, train travel – there’s plenty of opportunities for debt, and your donations help to make it manageable.)

So, if you fancy donating: thank you very much! And hey: if you can’t afford it: no worries! I’m just happy that you gave my jokes a go.

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