Occasionally I write “really good” and “cool” articles.

As a matter of fact, my writing has moved the United Nations so much that last year they were forced to issue a press conference apologising for everything they’ve ever done. Powerful stuff, I think you’ll agree.

Here’s a selection of the things that got the most clicks, so you can skip straight to the gold.


For some reason, the highly-respected world news magazine New Internationalist employ me (an actual dickhead) as a columnist. Once every three months I provide them with “jokes”. Please click them to improve my view count, and help me to continue to trick them into thinking that I know what I’m talking about.

  • JAN 2017: The time the Daily Mail wrote a hit-piece on me!
  • OCT 2016: On why it’s absolutely fine to preach to the converted.
  • MAY 2016: Part 2 of my attempt to make TTIP funny.
  • MARCH 2016: Part 1 of my attempt to make TTIP funny.
  • NOV 2015: In which I suggest that although Britain isn’t full, there’s still a few ways we could make room for refugees.
  • MARCH 2014: Comic Relief invested in the arms industry. You know: weapons and bombs. This seemed rather against their agenda. So, I wrote some jokes about it.
  • OCT 2013: A story about some cheeky activism I did to do with the government’s Racist Van.
  • MAY 2013: A light-hearted look at drone strikes.
  • MARCH 2013: The time a cop used surrealism to try to stop us from protesting outside Top Shop for their tax dodging.
  • DEC 2013: In which I explain why GDP is garbage, and we should judge a country’s success by the number of cakes they make.

Want to read more? Here’s the archive: http://newint.org/contributors/chris-coltrane


Here’s a few things I’ve written for no other reason that the love of content.

FEB 2012:¬†UniLad (who actively encouraged men to rape women, for “banter”) advertised for new writers. So: I applied. It went a bit viral. This is probably the most popular thing I’ve ever done online!

OCT 2008: I managed to acquire some science magazines from the years 1917 to 1920. And let me tell you: they’re every bit as wonderful as you could ever imagine.