My new stand-up show for 2017 is called Make Love and Smash Fascism.

It’s a weird quirk of the Edinburgh Fringe that you have to choose your show name in January – which is a bit tricky for a political comedy show in August. After all, who knows what the world will look like by then?

So, what I’ve cleverly done is chosen to put the concept of smashing fascism into my title, because I am confident that this will only become more and more topical as the year goes on. What a happy thought!!!

If you’re not going to the Edinburgh Fringe, take a look at my gigs list – there’s a chance I’ll be doing an early version of the show in a town near you.

If you’re coming up to the Edinburgh Fringe, I’d love you to come and see me. I am, as always, doing my show as part of PBH’s Free Fringe – no tickets in advance, just come for free, and pay what you like on the way out.

  • Banshee Labyrinth (Cinema Room), 3.30pm, 5th – 27th August 2017


  • Banshee Labyrinth (Chamber Room), 5.45pm, 5th – 15th August 2017