LEFT-WING PROPAGANDA MACHINE was my 2015 stand-up show.

It’s a show I wrote shortly after the Tories won the election. I wanted to make something that would show that even though Cameron won, it doesn’t mean that everyone has suddenly lose their compassion. There is still hope, and we should never give up fighting.

I talk about where Labour went wrong, whether the Greens can be trusted, and whether we even live in a democracy any more. I talk about how I’d like a more evidence-based drugs law, about fighting pseudoscience at chocolate conventions, and almost inevitably, Nigel Farage. There’s really something for everyone, apart from people who are awful.

​​It’s packed full of jokes and fun, and if I’ve done my job right, it’ll leave you feeling warm and fuzzy. Give it 66 minutes of your time, and I’ll give you The Good Times™.

If you want to stream it for free, you can watch it over on YouTube! Check out the video below.

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