Compassion Is Subversive was my second full-length solo show, in 2013.

This show was an hour of jokes about two of the things I felt were most important in 2013 politics: the fact that the poor are blamed for everything while the rich get away with murder, and that the government ignores evidence in the name of ideology. Natural topics for comedy, obviously.

I never did an official recording of this, because I was skint at the time! But I do have a bootleg recording (which is a kind way of saying I did a sketchy recording of it on my mobile phone).

If you’d like to hear it despite the bootleg quality, swing me a donation of anything you like, from 1p to £10,000, and tell me you’d like a copy of it.

I’m still proud of this show – but I was still rather new to comedy, and very much learning on the job! If you’re new to my comedy then I’d watch one of my more recent shows first. But, if you’re one of the three hardcore fans of my work, I’d love you to hear this too.


  • A joke from the show made its way into the Top Ten Jokes At The Edinburgh Fringe! (And was then turned into a meme by Buzzfeed.)
  • The Independent and Chortle reported on the 400-strong gig we did outside the Russian consulate in Edinburgh, that the hero Mark Thomas organised, to protest against that country’s vile treatment of LGBT people.
  • Chortle listed me in their top political shows this year.
  • The Independent has me in their “10 Comedic Talents Blowing Up Big” section. “A highlight of last year’s Free Fringe… …cuts his righteous anger with more than enough charm, wit and well-judged anecdotes to make it fly…”
  • Laugh Out London listed the show in their Best Free Shows on the Fringe. “Smart political comedy with a silly surreal edge.”
  • The List has me in their Top 5 shows on the Fringe!!! (by people called Chris.) “For those pining for a good solid political comedian, this guy could be your saviour.”
  • The F Word lists me in their choice of the best feminist shows on the Fringe.
  • And Such Small Portions also have the show in their top political picks. “Comedy for the Occupy generation.”