Activism Is Fun was my first ever solo show, back when I was basically brand new to doing comedy!

It tells the story of me getting back into activism, thanks in no small part to the wonderful people at UK Uncut. I also talk about my involvement in some pro-choice protests, and I tell the story of the time we snuck into a tax conference and stormed the stage. Plus there’s some cool stand-up about bisexuality. If you like sex and politics, you’ll like this.

(I was also very lucky to have Josie Long as a director on this show. She taught me how to shape a narrative, and how to pace an hour of comedy!)

After the Edinburgh Fringe, I did an audio recording at London’s Hen and Chickens. If you’d like to hear it, swing me a donation for however much you think it’s worth, and leave a note saying you’d like a copy of it!

I’m still proud of this show – but I was still rather new to comedy, and very much learning on the job! If you’re new to my comedy then I’d watch one of my more recent shows first. But, if you’re one of the three hardcore fans of my work, I’d love you to hear this too.


  • The Skinny interviewed me! Many of my answers are lies, and meant for jokes.
  • The Guardian had me in their feature on political comedy at the Edinburgh Fringe.