Hello Jeff! Welcome to my website.

Gosh, you don’t hear many people saying that much anymore, do you? “Welcome to my website” is a very 1996 GeoCities thing to say. “Welcome to my website! Please fill in the guest book! You are visitor 0000004 of 0000009”.

We’re altogether much ruder online nowadays. No-one ever takes the time to welcome you to their website. We just ignore you as you enter our holy online domain, throwing you in at the deep-end of content. Is it possible that there’s a link between people not welcoming you to their webpage, and Donald Trump getting elected? Who can say. Not me – and certainly not you, that’s for sure.

Anyway! Thanks for swinging by. I hope you like it here. I tried really hard to make my site look good for you, because I know you like good websites. Your life partner told me that good websites were your favourite thing – and I’ll be d*mned (damned) if I’m going to let you down.

Here you’ll find loads of information about me, your new favourite socialist political comedian Chris Coltrane. You can read about my cool YouTube show The News For Idiots; you can find out about all the stand-up shows I’ve done over the years, as well as upcoming projects; and you can hop over to the dedicated website I made for Lolitics, my awesome comedy club in Camden (which I also podcast!).

I just ask one favour while you’re here: please don’t rearrange any of the words on this website to make spells, or curses. Someone did this last week and it took me all day to exorcise the satanic demons they unleashed. Honestly, it’s a headache I could do without.

– Chris x